Cement Block Machine‘s Advantages And Characteristics

- Jun 11, 2018-

1, cement block machine operating system adopts Japanese Mitsubishi programmable controller PLC and human-machine interface touch screen control, equipped with data input device, security logic control, and fault diagnosis system, to achieve an ideal human-machine dialogue.
2, cement block machine to implement manual, semi-automatic, fully automatic mode of operation. The parameters of each executable can be set at will. The quality and efficiency of the product can be guaranteed.
3, cement block machine using high-strength steel through special welding technology manufacturing. It can ensure that the rigidity of the body is good, self-importance, and does not resonate with the excitation system. Extending the service life of machine.
4, the cement block machine electronic control intelligence. The automatic process selects advanced PLC intelligent control abroad, and is equipped with product process data input and storage touch screen. The automatic control system includes advanced security logic to control the movement interlock and can be equipped with a remote control system.