Cement Color Tile House Is Such Willful

- Apr 21, 2020-

Cement color tile house is such willful!

At present, building houses with colored cement tiles has become the mainstream of new rural construction. The color cement tiles are much better than ordinary clay tiles in terms of wind and rain proof performance, service life, tile type and other aspects. They are widely used in industrial and civil buildings, ancient garden buildings, villas and hotels, grain and cotton warehouses, especially in urban and rural buildings in areas with more wind and rain, as well as small high-rise buildings. Cement tiles provide designers with endless reverie and choice of space, how do you want to build a house how to build! No money and no will.

First of all, there are a variety of patterns and colors of cement colored tiles, with various production equipment and processes. The color of roof colored tiles can be almost arbitrary. It can not only be made into surface monochrome, surface multi-color superposition, but also can be made into overall monochrome and overall mixed camouflage.

Secondly, the specification and size of cement colored tiles are large or small, which can be combined with various patterns at will. It is convenient for installation and construction, can be bonded with various materials, and has good processing performance, can be nailed and sawed.

Once again, the strength of the cement colored tile is high, the density is good, the bending resistance and the compressive strength are strong enough to make the construction personnel walk freely on the paved roof