Cement Color Tile Machine Equipment And Advantage

- Apr 01, 2020-

The cement color tile machine a variety of advantages

A, cement color tile machine adopts many advanced technologies, has the very good mechanical performance and economic performance.

Second, the main raw material is cement, yellow sand, etc. Also can use fly ash, automatic cement tile machine, slag and so on as its auxiliary material. These are all better get something. This kind of machine to do the recycling, environmental protection and energy saving.

Three, one machine can be the best machine, need to change mould can produce many kinds of tiles, and forming speed, large output, multi-function cement tile machine, waterproof properties is good, and so on.

Four, by our machine to produce tiles, high compressive strength, enough to make construction personnel in has been laid on the roof of walk freely. In addition to produce color tile using the up and down or so bite slope and slope, the roof form a tight overall.

Five, the heat insulation performance is good, in one of the hottest year time won't feel hot.