Cement Colored Tiles Will Definitely Replace Small Blue Tiles In The Future

- Jul 23, 2020-

Cement colored tiles will definitely replace small blue tiles in the future

Cement colored tile refers to the cement mortar as the main material, after high-pressure molding, the tile body is dried and the surface color is treated. Today, Shanghai Caipeng Building Materials Co., Ltd. will introduce you the relevant knowledge of cement colored tiles.

     Cement colored tiles have a greater advantage than other tile products. In terms of price, the price of one square meter is much lower than the previous small blue tiles, about 30-50 yuan per square meter; and cement colored tiles have a longer service life and can withstand pressure. \ Antifreeze\ aesthetics are better than small blue tiles. Cement colored tiles will replace small blue tiles in the future. It can be said that cement tiles will have a huge market in the future, and the profits will be considerable.

    Cement color tiles are divided into categories: corrugated tiles and flat tiles.

   1. Wave tiles can be divided into small wave tiles (for example: Japanese-style flat tiles), medium wave tiles (for example Spanish tiles), and large wave tiles (large wave wheel tiles);

   2. According to the different surface, flat tile can be divided into inkstone flat tile (feature: smooth surface), yin-yang tile (feature: half of the tile is smooth, half of it is brushed), piano tile, etc. (feature: surface There are regular raised lines with unequal shapes) and so on. The products of different cement color tile manufacturers are slightly different.

    Cement colored tiles are classified according to the production process: they can be divided into two categories: roll forming process, cement colored tiles, moulded compression molding process, cement colored tiles.

     The above is an explanation about the classification of cement colored tiles made by our company.