Cement Tile Life

- Nov 14, 2019-

First, the composition of the cement tile:

Cement tiles are made of Portland cement, yellow sand, water and paint. Acrylic is used as a sealing protective film to uniformly coat the outer layer.

Second, how to manufacture cement tiles:

Mix the raw materials correctly to ensure material consistency. It is then extruded by a high pressure formed abrasive to cut into each piece of tile with nails. Therefore, each cement tile has the function of heat insulation and moisture resistance after leaving the abrasive tool. The cement tile needs to be placed for a few days before leaving the factory to maintain the cement. Every aspect of production needs to be carried out under the supervision of advanced machinery and professionals.

Third, the minimum slope suitable for cement flat tile roof:

The best waterproof function is the English red tile. The products are designed from Europe and are suitable for waterproof roofing of open roofs. The waterproof function is more guaranteed on concrete roofs. For roofs larger than 17°, lap 100mm, larger than 22.5°, and lap 75mm.

Third, the life of cement tiles

The ACME roofing system guarantees that our tiles can last up to 50 years or more. However, the cement tile roofs we saw in Germany have protected the roof structure for 150 years.