Cement Tile Machine

- Apr 01, 2020-

1, the unique waterproof structure

Automatic cement color tile machine of tile to tile bottom part of the structure, make the rain flow more smooth and more quickly, avoid the roller type forming of ordinary cement tile rainwater flow phenomenon. Additional moulding tile just some part of head above the water retaining effect, which USES on the horizontal roof, also won't appear the rain flow phenomenon.

2, ultra high strength

With exquisite color tile using upper and lower mould manufacturing, appearance is beautiful and vivid, tile surface smooth level off, precise size, density uniform. More than 200 kilograms of flexural strength is enough to make construction personnel in has been laid on the roof of walk freely.

3, convenient construction

Either vertically or horizontally laid construction is convenient and feasible. On the general slope roof, can need not hang article, also can be conveniently used cutting machine in any Angle of tiles by wet cutting.

4, strong wind resistance

Moulded color tile using the up and down or so bite slope and slope, the roof form a tight overall.

5, resistance to permeability

Because of the color tile is made of big tonnage pressure tools and forming, compactness, bibulous rate is low, the penetration resistance is much higher than other tiles, in the rain and snow area used for a long time, will not appear ooze water phenomenon.