Cement Tile Machine

- Mar 16, 2016-

The ratio of raw materials: cement 1: sand 2.5:0.5 coal ash (there can be) process: raw material → elevator → roller type mixer dosing mixer → → → molding tile forming machine for cement tile maintenance pallet pallet rack truck → maintenance → maintenance → manual sprayer or automatic spray-finished products

1, forming speed, yield, adopts PLC programmable controller, automatic control, human-machine interface, and more reliable. Convenient operation. Hydraulic and pneumatic, production speed up to 8 PCs/min, high yield, more cost-effective.

2, using concrete mortar by the filter type molding, product structure, multi-species, high density, high strength, dimensional accuracy, can meet the needs of various types of construction, concrete products products.

3, the use of a machine. The machine by replacing the mold, and can produce all kinds of tiles, Ridge tiles, tiles, drain tile and so on, can also produce all kinds of colored tiles, terrazzo tiles, polished tiles of shot peening, washing floor tiles.