Cement Tile Machine Maintenance

- May 12, 2020-

1. Filter

1. Each time the oil is changed, the filter should be replaced or thoroughly cleaned;

2. The air filter on the fuel tank should be inspected and cleaned every 3 months, and it is best to replace it every year.

3. Other filter abnormalities such as related alarms of the machine tool or unclean oil quality should be replaced;

2. Hydraulic components

1. Clean the hydraulic components (substrates, valves, motors, pumps, oil pipes, etc.) monthly to prevent dirt from entering the system and cannot use cleaning agents;

2. After using the new machine for one month, check the bending of each oil pipe for deformation. If there is any abnormality, it should be replaced. After two months of use, all parts should be fastened

At the connection, the system should be shut down during this work, and the system should be free of pressure.

3. Hydraulic oil circuit

1. Check the oil level of the oil tank every week. If the hydraulic system is repaired, it should be checked. If the oil level is lower than the oil window, hydraulic oil should be added;

2. The oil temperature of the system should be between 35 ℃ and 60 ℃, and should not exceed 70 ℃. If the temperature is too high, the oil quality and accessories will be damaged.

3. The hydraulic oil used in this machine is ISOHM46 or MOBILDTE25;

4. The new machine should be changed after 2000 hours of operation. After every 4000 to 6000 hours of operation, the oil should be changed. Each time the oil is changed, the oil tank should be cleaned.