Cement Tile Machines Using The Advantages Of Solid Wood Pallets

- May 25, 2017-

As a Cement Tile Machines in the production, very important auxiliary equipment - pallets, we are its production types and choices are diversified, Cement Tile Machines according to the different materials are generally divided into: solid wood pallets, plastic pallets, bamboo care Plate, steel pallet, rubber pallets, composite pallets and so on. We are here today to highlight the solid wood pallets.

Solid wood high pressure composite pallet There are two types of:

    1, PF solid wood composite pallet. The PF solid wood composite board selection of a non-perishable plate force plate, the performance is to use wear-resistant sheet to do the panel, Cement Tile Machines is a combination of the advantages of two materials, with PF high-grade resin, through the hot press high temperature and pressure compound The The characteristics of this pallet: a single light weight, wear resistance, impact resistance, high temperature of about 100 degrees, not easy to layer, 30 mm thick finished plate only about 7 layers. Comprehensive performance index: light, thin, Cement Tile Machines high temperature cooking expansion rate is low, the appearance of the general. Adapted to large and small brick factory and steam brick factory selection.

    2, solid wood high pressure composite pallet. Solid wood high-pressure composite pallet is the use of a non-perishable solid wood sheet strength plate, Cement Tile Machines the surface is selected to use sheet-resistant panel, it is a combination of the advantages of two materials, with ordinary resin, hot press press to make. The characteristics of this pallet is: do not rot, wear, impact resistance, Cement Tile Machines no expansion of the phenomenon, not easy to layer, 20 mm thick finished plate only 5 or so. Comprehensive performance index: This pallet is light, thin and durable. Hi wet, the appearance of general, sensual thin. Adapted to large and small brick factory selection.