Ceramic Tile Cutting Machine

- Aug 25, 2017-

                Manual self-test-type ceramic tile cutting machine, also known as manual tile Push knife (manual tile knife, manual ceramic tile cutting machine, manual tile pull machine, manual tile push knife) and so on. Manual self-test-type ceramic tile cutting machine is to eliminate pneumoconiosis environmental protection machinery! High-grade polished tiles, floor tiles, such as high hardness, with electric cutting opportunity to produce a collapse edge. and manual self-test-type ceramic tile cutting machine, to accurately cut the glaze surface, separation mechanism of the lever principle separation, cut neatly.Tile Machines

                Manual ceramic tile Cutting machine operation simple, environmental protection, clean, convenient, professional, accurate, high quality, high efficiency. Features: No water, no electricity, no dust, no noise, 3-5 seconds to successfully cut a tile. Manual ceramic tile Cutting machine does not use electricity, no dust, no noise, low loss. In this era of environmental protection, more and more construction workers realize the serious harmfulness of dust to their own health and the tremendous impact of noise on the environment. Green Environmental Protection Manual ceramic tile cutting machine, into people's lives.Tile Machines

                Note and the use of skills: 1, cutting, pull back the "handle" to the highest control position to avoid the blade and tile collision, otherwise, the blade will not be used because of defects. 2, for antique or other concave and convex tiles, such as tile, please change the knife head! Shang Tiles will shorten the service life of the blade. 3. Do not use the blade in the operation to press broken bricks. 4, cutting, the first push rod to pull to the back end, so that the blade light pressure on the tile above, along the main axis forward to the front control groove, presser feet put in the tile above, lightly hit the tail end of the push-pull handle, tile can be broken with the knife.Tile Machines

                Warm reminder: Cutting process, when the knife cutting line thinner and shallower, tile compression cracked brick edge shape is more beautiful. On the contrary, the deeper and thicker the knife line, brick side split the shape of the brick bottom more oblique, serious or even like jagged, so push must be light, but the top of the cutting line can not be interrupted, otherwise the tile will appear in the phenomenon of jumping angle.Tile Machines