Ceramic Tile Printing Machine

- Aug 06, 2017-

              Ceramic tile printing machine also known as glass Tile printing machine, universal printer, PVC printing press, tile color printing machine, glass color printing machine, glass color spray machine, tile color spraying machine, glass printing machine, porcelain plate color printing machine, etc., can be applied to any material plane, the full color printing of the arc surface or cylindrical object, its subversive digital printing concept brings a new wind to the printing industry, which has swept the whole industry, greatly reduced the production cost for the customer, and improved the production efficiency to create the good condition can replace the silk screen printing, the transfer printing, Transfer equipment, no Seihan, no need to register, to produce more than the traditional way of printing quality, easy to operate, stable performance, fully meet the requirements of various industries, thus significantly improving the market competitiveness of your products.Tile Machines

              The operation step of the tile printing machine 1, the picture setup operator can be on the computer, use some graphic design software like Photoshop, set the picture well, and print the parameters. 2, the printing media placed in the glass must be careful, because the more careful the more can reduce the deviation of the printing occurs, the deviation is small, the effect of printing can be more accurate. 3, the issue of printing command operators directly on the computer output printing commands, glass printing machine after receiving the Print command can execute the printing program, at this time the operator just wait for the product to print well. 4, the removal of the glass printing machine after the completion of the printing will be the end of their own work, at this time the user simply will be able to print a good glass out. Glass printing machine are equipped with LEDUV cold light lamp, can be directly dry in the printing process, mainly plays the role of curing.Tile Machines

            The use of ceramic tile printing machine: glass, porcelain plate, ceramic tile, plastic (ABS, PC, PE, PP, PU, PVC, etc.), acrylic, metal, wood products, PVC, textile fabrics, crystal, coated paper.Tile Machines