Characteristics Of Tile Cutting Machine

- Dec 03, 2019-

Characteristics of tile cutting machine
1. Fast cutting speed, several seconds to complete the operation;     
2. Good cutting effect, straight brick cutting, no crack, high precision, flat edge;   3. Low cutting cost, one cutter wheel can cut 50000-70000 meters;   4. No electricity, no water, no noise, no dust;   4
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5. The operation is simple, convenient and safe.   precautions   when cutting, the thinner the knife mark, the shallower the tile edge after the crack, the more straight and beautiful the tile edge. On the contrary, the deeper the knife mark, the coarser the tile edge, the more oblique and ugly the cut edge. Therefore, when pushing, the force must be light, but the knife mark cut on the ceramic tile cannot be interrupted, otherwise, the ceramic tile will appear the phenomenon of angle collapse. This product is a non electric ceramic cutting machine. Compared with other electric ceramic cutting machines, this product is more accurate, convenient, fast, environmental protection, safety, energy saving and practical. Because the cutting principle of the electric ceramic cutting machine is "high-speed operation", and this so-called "high-speed operation" disadvantage is too much noise and dust. Because the speed is too fast, and there is no platform control, it is very difficult to cut the straight line, and it is not convenient to use, the operator is hard, and it is not safe. Disadvantages of manual self brick cutter: it can only cut straight lines.   electric description     after using the marble machine for many years in China, the electric bench type ceramic tile cutting machine has gradually entered the field of vision of ceramic tile practitioners. The electric table type ceramic tile cutting machine with water can avoid the harm of dust to the body. Good cutting effect, no edge collapse; high quality chamfering; high efficiency, labor saving, can quickly complete large-scale cutting; cutting tiles will not fall corners, will not crack, cost saving. It is an effective supplement of manual tile cutting machine on the market.