Characters Of Tile Forming Machine

- Mar 19, 2020-

Characters of tile forming machine

1. The merits of the tile forming machine is fast molding speed, large output, reliable performance, PLC

automatic control and convenient operation. It's hydropneumatic with the speed as high as

7-8 pieces/min. In addition, the rate of finished products is high, and the quality-price-relative is better.

2. The cement-tile is made of the mortar concrete by press-filtering molding,

which has high density,strong intensity and nice dimensions, the excellent cement-tile

can satisfy the requirements of different construction sites.

3. The tile machine has multiple functions. It could be used to produce master tile ridge tile,edge tile,

drain-tile,etc by changing molds. Besides it could also be used to product various top-grade

colorful ground tile,including terrazzo tile,bathing tile,etc.