Color Tile Equipment Features

- Jul 02, 2018-

1. Multi-purpose one machine, quick change of tile mold, fool operation, low power consumption, CNC molding.

The unique appearance design, the hydraulic forming, the humanized interface operation, the advanced reasonable layout, has filled the domestic blank; The product density is large, the strength is high, the variety is many, the replacement mold may produce various kinds of high-quality goods tile, is the concrete product in the high-quality goods.

2. Adopt imported advanced original parts and select the optimal configuration.

Adopt original imported PC, machine, electricity, liquid, gas, integrated control, automatic control. The "guide sleeve" of traditional die press is positioned as "four-pole" precise positioning. The performance of the whole machine is more stable and reliable, the productivity and product rate are higher, which is higher than similar products of foreign countries.

3. Latest equipment, advanced and efficient.

More than 10 years of professional color tile machinery manufacturing experience, and long-term follow-up service customers, combined with user feedback, increasingly perfect equipment details, add the remote control, a new generation of equipment diagnosis system, the machine run away for data analysis, customers to make equipment maintenance easier.

4. Low investment in equipment, fast speed and high output.

Compared with ordinary moulded color tile forming unit, the technology content is high, the speed is fast, the output is high (the output of single shift is increased by 80%), the product benefit is high, the market prospect is good.