Color Tile Machine Advantages

- Dec 16, 2019-

Color tile machine advantages

1, the best waterproof performance

The bottom structure of the tile valley, which can only be achieved by press-molded high-quality tiles, can make the outflow of rainwater smoother and faster, and avoid the phenomenon of rainwater counterflow of the ordinary cement tiles formed by rolling. In addition, the water-retaining effect of the upper part of the head, which is only formed by compression molding, does not cause the phenomenon of rainwater backflow even when it is used on a horizontal roof.

2, the highest compression performance (accurate model, can be designed according to demand)

After compression molding, the strength is high (1250 kilonewtons pressure), the size is accurate (420mm × 330mm, about 9 pieces per square), and the density is uniform. The flexural strength of more than 200 kg is enough to allow construction workers to walk freely on the already-laid roof.

3. The most convenient construction performance

Both vertical and horizontal laying are convenient and feasible. On general sloping roofs, there is no need to hang tiles, and it is convenient to use a cutting machine to cut tiles at any angle by wet method.

4. Strongest wind resistance

The moulded color tiles use the upper and lower left and right to engage the inclined surface and slope to make the roof a tight whole.

5, the best insulation performance

The joint test by the Japanese Solar Energy Research Center shows that in the hottest three months, the average daily surface temperature of the roof paved with molded color tiles and battens is 71.4 degrees Fahrenheit (21.89 ° C), which greatly reduces the load of air conditioners. Performance is better than other tile types.

6, super freeze resistance

After 25 cycles of freeze-thaw tests, the anti-freeze-thaw performance of colored tiles has reached the Japanese JIS standard, which is far superior to other tile types.

7, the most perfect anti-permeability

Because the colored tiles are molded by a large tonnage press, water seepage will not occur in local use. High compactness, low water absorption, and its anti-permeability is much higher than other tile types. It will not seep when used in long-term rain and snow areas.