Color Tile Machine Features

- Dec 16, 2019-

Color tile machine features

1. One machine is multi-purpose, tile mold switching is fast, fool-type operation, low power consumption, CNC molding.

Unique appearance design, multi-functional hydraulic forming, user-friendly interface operation, advanced and reasonable layout, fill the domestic gap; the product density is high, the strength is high, and there are many varieties. Changing the mold can produce a variety of high-quality tiles, which is concrete Products in products.

2. Imported advanced originals are used, and the configuration is preferred.

The original imported PC, machine, electricity, liquid, gas, integrated control, fully automatic control. The positioning of the "guide sleeve" of the traditional molding machine has been changed to the "four-post" precision positioning. The performance of the whole machine is more stable and reliable, and the productivity and yield are higher, which exceeds the level of similar foreign products.

3. The latest equipment, advanced and efficient.

With more than ten years of professional Caiwa machinery manufacturing experience accumulation and long-term tracking service customers, combined with user feedback, the equipment details are getting better and better. The new generation of equipment has added remote control and diagnostic systems, which can analyze the operation of this machine for thousands of miles. Make it easier for customers to maintain equipment. 4. Less equipment investment, fast speed and high output.

Compared with ordinary moulded colored tile forming units: high technical content, fast speed, high output (80% increase in single shift output), high product efficiency and good market prospects.