Common Faults Of Tile Machines

- Sep 21, 2017-

     Manual ceramic tile Cutting Machine-common troubles and solutions common problems: The cutting line is not straight, the tile does not follow the knife, the trace splits. The tile is broken, the brick side is not positive, or the jagged shape. A ruler is not allowed and the tile is short of angle when cutting. Troubleshooting methods: Axle axle deformation, pressure or replacement spindle; The two sides of the cutting head are too loose, the side bearings are tightened, the blade device is not correct;Tile Machines

    Replace the blade. Tiles do not follow the knife, the blade too blunt or cutting force unevenness, the replacement of the blade cracks, the platform element pin deformation, correction platform, presser foot deformation; Try another ceramic. The ceramic tile breaks the presser foot unbalance, corrects the presser foot, the brick side is not positive, the guide seat distorts, replaces the rail seat or the sawtooth, the use pressure is excessively heavy when cutting, reduces the impetus to the current pressure strength, the tile brick quality question, changes other ceramics to try.Tile Machines

    The measure ruler is not allowed to loosen the blade device, the correction tool head, the measure ruler deformation, the replacement measure ruler or another school, the reverse-loading ruler rod, the back adjusting ruler, the blade is damaged, the blade is replaced and the bearing on both sides of the cutting head is too loose; The ceramic tile is missing angle when cutting: The presser foot is damaged, the presser foot is replaced, the guideway is asymmetrical; Try replacing other ceramics.Tile Machines

    Do not use the blade to press broken bricks during operation. Cutting, first pull the push rod to the back end, so that the blade light pressure on the tile above, along the main axis forward to the front control groove, presser feet put in the tile above, lightly hit the tail end of the push-pull handle, tile can be broken with the knife. Tile Machines

    Warm reminder: Cutting process, when the knife cutting line thinner and shallower, tile compression cracked brick edge shape is more beautiful. On the contrary, the deeper and thicker the knife line, brick side split the shape of the brick bottom more oblique, serious or even like jagged, so push must be light, but the top of the cutting line can not be interrupted, otherwise the tile will appear in the phenomenon of jumping angle.Tile Machines