Common Knowledge Of Hydraulic Parts For Excavator Parts.

- May 23, 2018-

In fact, the maintenance of the hydraulic parts of the excavator is very important, so how to do the maintenance work of our excavator hydraulic parts? I will give you a brief introduction of specific methods for your reference.

First, we need to know is that in general, if we have been using the qualified hydraulic oil, so when the hydraulic oil overheating situation, we will note to check how could it be because of something wrong with the hydraulic oil cooling temperature control system, so we must check the well hydraulic oil radiator. First of all, check if it is blocked by dirt, and then the heat dissipation efficiency is reduced, so we need to clean the radiators properly when necessary.

The second is that the viscosity index of the hydraulic oil of the excavator is greatly reduced, so the range of ambient temperature that the hydraulic oil can withstand will also be reduced. So we will be in the use of time not to the relevant product manufacturer to relevant data, to prepare, and then more quickly to adjust oil use, but also can make corresponding change of equipment related Settings, such as can set certain limit temperature etc.