Common Roof Tile Types And Selection Methods

- May 28, 2018-

Cement tile, is to use a certain percentage of the cement mortar made for die or roller, its ingredients is cement, sand and paint after processing, its main characteristic is lap and firm, and can be used dry hanging method (roof tile and roof structure layer has a layer from a distance, the heat insulation effect is relatively good). Because cement tile USES the top and bottom lap, the construction way that the left and right bite joins, you waterproof performance is stronger than the west tile, can regard as the first waterproof function, enhance the roof to prevent leakage; Moreover, color cement tile color is rich, a piece of tiles can have two or even three kinds of color, after installed on the roof is relatively beautiful, and the cement tile corrugated tile and slab two, have more choice.

Glass fiber,

Glass fiber tile, also known as asphalt felt tile or asphalt tile, hence the name si yi, glass fiber tile is composed of modified asphalt, glass fiber, color ceramic particles, self-adhesive strips. Its point of watt of light, per square metre in 10 kg, and the material of modified asphalt, as long as the installation method is proper, waterproof properties can achieve good effect, especially suitable for ping change slope project or wooden house; Because the construction of glass fiber tile is simple and convenient, the construction loss can be ignored, so it also enhances its market competitiveness and can save the project cost for the developer. The color diversity of glass fiber tile, installed in the roof after its beautiful effect is particularly strong, China is mainly in a relatively popular use of glass fiber tile in jiangsu and zhejiang.

Caigang watts

Also called metal tiles, aluminium zinc steel plate, it is made of aluminium zinc steel plate pressed into shape, surface color available ceramsite or baking process, its characteristic is qualitative light, high-grade, high prices, but it gives the impression of relatively strong, and a sense of security. It can also be used in steel structures or slope leveling projects.

Ceramic tile

Also known as the terracotta, it is made of clay to fire, its characteristic is strong, but because it is USES clay fire, so its environmental characteristics, color rich degree is inferior to the cement color tile, and its price is relatively higher than the cement color tile, moreover, terracotta doesn't exist waterproof performance, cannot increase the leakage risk of the roof.

Choose a beautiful and practical roof tile

1. The color is soft and even, not harsh and bright, preferably matt. Small factory tile because use material is poor, tonal not exquisite, often color hair black ugly.

There is no color difference between tiles. After going into the house, each tile is uniform in color, no depth, no spots.

3. The color is durable, wind and sun, and rain will not fade. A few small factories because equipment is simple, technology does not pass a level, cannot spray cement color slurry evenly consistent, and use paint to spray color. In a very short time the paint will fall off and the bottom will be exposed.

4. The tile slope is soft and gives people a sense of beauty. The tile form of big factory is designed meticulously by the expert from the artistic Angle, shop on the roof can give a person beautiful and friendly feeling. Small factory tile did not pass this kind of percussive design, tile shop on the house to give a person with mechanical blunt sense, look very uncomfortable.

5. Accurate size, close bonding and low paving error. Good color cement tile, spread after the horizontal vertical and oblique all in a straight line, as neat as printing, very beautiful. The size error is large or there is warping, often can not be laid. If the tile model is made of iron sheet, it can not produce the tiles with accurate size. No one can lay a tile like this. For example, the width of tiles is only 2mm, and 100 tiles will be arranged, which will be 20 cm apart, wider than half tiles. The tiles will naturally become inclined and cannot be spread. If tile warps, spread after the gap is big, also won't be beautiful.

6. Good frost resistance. In the north, winter temperatures fall to minus 10 ℃ below is often the case. If the density of the tile is not good enough, the water absorption rate is high. If the snow water is absorbed during the day, ice at night will expand and crack the colored layer, causing it to peel off slowly and damage the tile. The tile of small factory because did not pass high pressure rolling, compactness is bad, the service life of tile won't be long.