Common Tile

- Jun 01, 2018-

Clay tile

The production process of clay tile is similar to that of clay tile, but the quality of clay is higher, such as less impurity, high plasticity and high homogenization degree of mud.

1) according to the location of tile laying

Sintered roofing tile and sintered fitting tile

Roof tiles by shape are mainly: flat tile, three curved tile, double drum tile, fish scale tile, ox tongue tile, plate tile, drum tile, drip tile, groove tile, J shaped tile, S shaped tile and other special-shaped tile.

The fitting tiles are mainly divided into: cornice tile and ridge tile series, including cornice tile series: cornice seal head, cornice tile and cornice tile roof. Ridge tile series includes: ridge tile head, ridge tile, bidirectional ridge tile, three - way ridge tile and four - way ridge tile. In addition, roof tiles of different shapes have their own unique accessories. [1]

2) according to the surface state, there are glaze tiles and non-glaze tiles.

Small green tile: also known as iris tile, Yin - Yang tile, is a kind of arc tile. With manual molding, in the intermittent kiln reducing atmosphere under the burning, in a cyan - gray color. Specifications are generally 200 ~ 250 mm long, 150 ~ 200 mm wide, widely used in rural housing construction.

Ridge tile: tile covering the roof ridge. Usually there are three types: zigzag, saddle and circular. The tile billet is formed by pressing, and can be burnt into red and green color by drying. Specifications are generally 300 ~ 425 mm long, 180 ~ 230 mm wide, bending load not less than 700N.

Flat tile: a rectangular flat tile with a groove used to cover a roof. The forming process of flat tile includes wet pressing method, semi-dry pressing method and extrusion method. According to Chinese standards, the size of the flat tile is 400 * 240 ~ 360 * 220 mm, and the flexural load of a single piece shall not be less than 600 N. A tile covering one square metre of roof shall not weigh more than 55 kilograms after absorbing water; Below 15 ℃ after freeze-thaw cycle 15, should have no delamination, crack, fall off to take off the edge, wait for a phenomenon, the finished product are not allowed to be mixed with subcooling.

Clay tiles can only be used on roofing with high slope. Due to the shortcoming of brittle materials, self-importance, small pieces, low construction efficiency and large amount of wood, the proportion of roof materials in modern buildings has been gradually reduced.

Glazed tile

Watts, the original grey black matte color, however, the Forbidden City of glazed tile surface smooth as a mirror, the tile is called glazed tile, as the monarch's exclusive products in China, also become the symbol of Chinese architecture. The earliest objects of glazed tile are found in zhaolin of tang dynasty.

A beautiful colored glazed tile must be made by calcining in two kilns. The process of making colored glaze is to use the method of burning glass twice, the first time will make the black tile blank into white tile blank, the second time is to apply glaze for the green tile after burning into colorful glazed tile. The raw material of glazing is washed by kiln fire, and the fire temperature is slightly different.

Glazed tile and building of bearing, beautiful, there are strict proportion relations, for hundreds of years, coloured glaze artisans coloured glaze French summary into formula, the location of the shibi is disposed in the house roof ridge and the confluence of two slope, is the pivot of the roof beam, to make glazed tile, should first determine the size of the shibi. According to the legend in the glass industry, the height of the kissing beast is determined by the girder, which is two-fifths of the girder height.

Tang dynasty celadon tile

Tang blue porcelain tile is a traditional tile type used in Chinese tang dynasty architecture. The single tile of tangwa is large in size and thick in thickness. It is an essential high-grade tile for traditional Chinese temples, pavilions, archaized buildings and other buildings.

Asbestos shingle

Shimian tile is short for cement shimian tile. The strength of cement is strong while that of cement is weak, while the strength of asbestos is weak. In the 1970s and 1980s simple housing (shacks) was relatively common, due to safety and other reasons,

Color cement tile

Cement color tile is one of the more popular a kind of roofing materials in recent years, as new building materials of poinsettia high strength color tile, with its novel, concise and fluent modelling, the inner quality of high compactness, scientific overall dimensions, both to get rid of the traditional architectural style, and enhance the waterproof performance, widely used in high-grade villas, garden houses and so on slope roof. It has the following characteristics:

One, the unique waterproof structure, high strength color tile with the mould, the tile bottom structure, make the rain out more smooth, more quickly, avoid the rolling forming tile rainwater flow phenomenon. In addition, the upper part of the head of the moulded tile also has the function of blocking water. Even on the horizontal roof, there will be no rain countercurrent and water leakage.

Second, the ultra high strength penetration resistance, not cracked, density of products, and uniform, not only ensure the more than 200 kg of flexural, compressive strength, and enough to satisfy the construction personnel in has laid a good walk freely on the roof. Due to the advanced processing technology and scientific curing process, its anti-folding property, and in the case of sudden changes in cold and heat will not occur cracking. This is again tao wa can not compare.

3. Strict structure and no deformation: moulding is adopted, the shape is beautiful and vivid, the size is strict and accurate, and the flatness is good, which overcomes the disadvantages of large deformation in the firing process of ceramic tiles. The poinsettias have solved the problem of preventing (leaking) water with their close joint. Make laid roofing does not take off seam, geometrical figure is bright, enhance the integral adornment effect of roofing.

4. The treatment of tile surface is different: it has the characteristics of uv resistance, acid resistance, alkali resistance, high bottom temperature resistance, aging resistance, no peeling, no shedding, etc. Using new type of automatic baking coating process, after high temperature, high pressure means the coating permeability adsorption on the tile, more can improve the color stability, enhance the adornment effect of the color tile, prolong the service life of the tile.

5. Convenient construction: both vertical and horizontal laying are convenient and feasible. The scientific structure and shape of the roof in general slope, as long as the concrete will be directly on the tile. In order to adapt to different roof design, it is also convenient to use the cutting machine to wet the tiles at any Angle.

Autonomy. 6, complete accessories, color: shape concise and rich application, can apply various roofing, may provide various color according to the customer's requirements, more can reflect the style of architecture designers, highlight the whole landscape of buildings.

Synthetic resin tile

Also called plastic tiles, PVC tiles, PVC wavy tiles, composite tiles, lightweight tiles, antique tiles, plastic steel tiles,

Specification: 880x3000,691mm*3000mm (2 m2 / sheet) weight: 2.5kg/m2 thickness: 2.0mm~ 2.5mm

Its main features are:

1. Excellent weather resistance -- the service life shall not be less than 50 years

Adopt unique super weather resistance anti-aging formula design, it has been verified by practice: in Russia, China mainland, southeast coast, southeast Asia and other climatic conditions, all show a good applicability

2. Outstanding waterproof performance -- no waterproof layer

No waterproof layer is used in 15-90 degree slope roofing buildings. The material characteristics, structure, patented parts and scientific and reasonable installation of color tiles make the roof an integral waterproof system

3. Wind resistance and earthquake resistance -- the 90-degree building facade decoration is safe and reliable

Whether used in villas or high-rise buildings, inland or coastal areas, can withstand hurricanes, earthquakes, roof systems are safe and reliable

Rich color, novel personality and lasting stability

Select 25 colors for your architectural style. The surface of color tile is bright and clean, with strong acid and alkaline resistance, so in any environment will not be mildew, corrosion, rain as new.

Good fire prevention performance

Comply with the national roof material fire protection requirements, meet the refractory level standards, effectively delay the spread of fire.

6. Heat insulation and heat preservation -- roof tiles with the highest thermal insulation performance

2. The coefficient of thermal conductivity of 2 mm thick synthetic resin tile just 0.06 kcal/m.h. ℃, is six times that of the 15 mm cement tile insulation performance

Good sound insulation performance

The porous material of the core layer makes sound energy decay due to friction in the porous wall, thus producing the effect of sound absorption, so that roof residents are not disturbed by noise

8. Excellent toughness and strength

Unique three-layer composite structure, bidirectional tensile processing and selected raw materials make it more excellent toughness and strength than similar products

Ix. Simple construction -- the paving speed is the fastest and the construction cost is the lowest

Synthetic resin tiles can be easily used for special shapes such as facade and arc Windows. Large area, light weight and light handling; Direct nailing, sawing, drilling, planing

Economy saving - saving over 20 yuan per square meter

The synthetic resin tile roof system is the lightest and the lowest cost of the building in the middle and high grade roof


Straw fiber super polyester tile/straw fiber aluminum foil corrugated tile

A "w", the straw, the products have good quality, strength, sound insulation, heat insulation, thermal insulation, fire resistance is strong, the only reached to the standards for grade A1 fire, all the countries better conductive insulation, long service life (30 years deformation), without carcinogen without peculiar smell is harmless to the body, corrosion resistant () is especially suitable for chemical plant color and decide, single at large area is convenient for transportation and installation, the product can be recycled. CCTV recommends products, low-carbon and environment-friendly products.

Second, the scope of application: large and medium-sized factories, farmers market, storehouse, parking lot, farms, barrack, chemical industry, food and the new rural construction, villas, field fence, prefabricated houses, steel structure engineering, construction site fences, rain loose, warehouse, government building projects, the long corridor, spots archaize, ping change slope, pollution factory.

3. Production materials: rural wheat straw, rice straw, weed, corn stalk, peanut shell, sawdust, mordant ash, bean stalk, straw, cotton, branches