Comparison Of Block Machine Molds

- Dec 09, 2019-

First of all, the major issue of selecting steel is to make molds. The difference between steels does not need to be said by insiders. Generally, laymen can feel how deep the water is. The steel materials of large and small steel manufacturers are very different. The cost of ordinary inferior steel is very low. Cavities will occur in actual welding, and more slags are not strong after welding. The good steel is preferred to be durable, shock-resistant, and wear-resistant in the future production, which is a requirement that poor-quality steel cannot meet.

Professional manufacturers will make molds in accordance with formal procedures. Generally, small factories will give you low quotes. That's because the actual working hours are small. Why is there a small reason? Ordinary workers make a mold by cutting and grinding the sander, and then the box can be unloaded. The bricks formed after doing this will have a large burr phenomenon, and the rough workmanship will also change the overall quality of the brick. The key to the mold of the block machine is whether the molding is good or not, which has a great impact on the workmanship. Only after the standard lathe is processed, the seamless welding mold can withstand the quality test.