Concrete Block Molding Machine Features

- Oct 24, 2018-

(5) the vibrator, concrete block molding machine adopt the domestic and international synchronized German patent vibration system integration of the latest technology: (multipoint), electric hydraulic drive technology, multi-source vibration system, under computer control vertical synchronous vibration of the hydraulic driving frequency adjustable, realize the low-frequency charging, the working principle of the high frequency shaping good compaction effect can be obtained for different raw materials, vibration acceleration can be up to 17.5 G. Advanced design technology concept, excellent imported components integrated into a set of domestic leading high-quality vibration system.

(6) control system: concrete block molding machine computer control of man-machine interface, control electric appliance adopts Germany's Siemens, Japan Fuji, Germany schneider, screen adopts imported from Taiwan, Japan omron brand, such as integrated control program for 20 years of production experience, combined with the international development trend and research and development, to meet the conditions of design to write and become, to achieve without professional, just a simple training to operation, powerful memory may be a need for the upgrade.