Construction Method For Wall Tile Machine Paving

- Jul 23, 2017-

                  First, the construction preparation and operating conditions 1, to the wall, cylinder surface smoothness, verticality, arc angle and the level of the window check. Clean the walls and pillars of the base, clean your feet and wash them tightly. Bump too large and do not meet the verticality, flatness requirements of the wall, cylinder, should be cut neat after the cement mortar need not be filled. 2, the opposite brick carries on the quality inspection acceptance, the unqualified brick is not allowed to deliver. After the brick is transported to the scene, it should be inspected on site. Requirements tile size Consistent, Fangzheng straight, angular complete, edge neat, without warping, glaze, cracks, uneven, such as defects, tile surface color should be uniform. 3, all tiles in the installation before the construction, you must use a special tool block by piece. According to the size of specifications, thickness, color and the depth of the number, stacking neat. The tiles that do not meet the requirements shall be removed and shall not be used. 4, before the construction of tile arrangement design, drawing construction drawings. 5, prepare all kinds of machinery, equipment, utensils and hand tools.Tile Machines

                  Second, the process of cleaning the wall-watering the moist wall-the surface to find the rules--bottom plastering--row brick, the split, the elastic line--inlaid veneer brick--sweep the surface layer--the seam--to clean the wall.Tile Machines

                 Third, the construction key points and the practice explanation. 1, cleaning the wall, column surface, should be floating and residual mortar rinse clean, and then fully watered and moist. 2, the column and the wall surface of the angle of yin and yang, all need to pull vertical line and the pocket side. Yang Kok should be double-sided pull vertical line, doors and windows to pull horizontally through the line. 3, according to the situation of hanging line and brick size requirements, playing the foundation ash, the base ash two times construction. Cement mortar using mortar mixer, the ratio must be accurate. 4, the foundation ash should be watered and maintained after the completion of the base ash to a certain strength can be inlaid with veneer brick. According to the requirements of the width of the row tiles, the ink is ejected from the leveling layer and the wire line is hung vertically. Non-integral bricks are not allowed. 5, inlaid tiles the day before, will be put into a bucket of brick soaked, use 1-2 hours before taking out, to dry surface water, wiping the surface floating to be used. 6, tile inlay order for the Top-down, according to the structure of the boundary, complete a layer to do a layer. Paste the first level of brick with a ruler at the bottom of the tile Toping, keep the angle straight, the seam straight, paste the first layer after the ruler to check the smoothness. Paste the second level brick should be the first level of mortar scraping, put down a levels of brick, good longitudinal and horizontal seam, align the vertical degree after paving, the operation method as above. 7, the hook seam needs to be a layer of tile inlaid paste after completion. Special leavened should be used to check the seam to ensure the depth of the brick seam, surface formation. The brick seam must be compacted to prevent soaking in the crevice. 8, inlaid veneer brick finished, then clean tile surface, do a good job protection.Tile Machines