Development Outlook Of Hollow Brick Machine:

- Mar 16, 2016-

China now has is world Shang recognized of brick machine production powers, and abroad of hollow brick machine in main technology parameter, and host structure form and hydraulic components, and sealed pieces, and electrical components of selection Shang, they has no more big of difference, but in brick machine of performance, and quality, and reliability, and process level, and appearance, aspects is has must of gap, to caught up with abroad of level we should do points work:

1 automatic hollow brick machine, continue to study and perfect the host structure, hydraulic brick machine, electric control part of the system, which features, foreign products have in common is a hydraulic mechanism for work organization, introduction of contemporary scientific and technological achievements, and gradually improve, most mechanical-electrical-hydraulic integration of high-tech equipment.

2, always pay attention to hydraulic brick machine is the latest foreign technology, digestion and absorption and innovation embodied in the domestic hydraulic brick machine, domestic hydraulic brick function follows scientific and technological progress and changes in market demands continuous improvement of products, development of new products.