Development Prospect And Analysis Of Block Machines

- Aug 03, 2017-

    Hydraulic block machine is a hydraulic drive for the production of Power block machine, because of its small noise, high output, compaction effect is good and favored by the vast number of users. Hydraulic block machine is generally automatic or semi-automatic operation mode, more to produce hollow blocks, porous brick, brick-oriented, in recent years to meet market demand, hydraulic block machine is widely used to produce permeable bricks, bread bricks, grass-planting bricks and other color road brick. Because the hydraulic block machine is a multi-function brick-making equipment, its one-machine multi-purpose characteristic will develop the application unceasingly in the social development demand.Block Machines
    Hydraulic block machine adopts independent hydraulic integration station to avoid the influence of host vibration on hydraulic system, thus ensuring the reliability of hydraulic system. Advanced hydraulic control system can be fully automatic control, equipped with a display text controller can be adjusted with the user's needs, the operation more convenient and efficient. The new technology adopts the control mode of the inner-standard displacement sensor, which is not affected by the atmospheric environmental pollution, and can guarantee the size of various sizes of tile in a very precise way, so that the products meet the requirements of the national level brick standard.Block Machines
   Environmental conditions: 1, block machine production of the use of raw materials: is the use of slag, slag, fly ash, stone powder, sand, gravel, cement, etc. as the main raw material. These materials are not only cheap, but also effective in protecting precious land resources and realizing the reuse of resources. 2, block machine production of block technology: to burn-free type, no need to direct molding sintering, reducing the emissions of a large number of pollutants. 3, block machine using hydraulic system, not only good effect, but also low noise, power consumption. 4, block machine function is powerful, not only can produce wall brick, can also produce all kinds of road brick, the brick no radiation non-polluting, with high-strength, high permeability, not skid, is a kind of meet environmental social and policy requirements of High-tech products.Block Machines
   Because permeable brick has a good permeable, breathable performance, is to solve the city surface hardening, to create a high-quality natural living environment, to maintain the ecological balance of the city green building materials new products, so that it is popular in the market, so permeable brick machine became a fashionable hot. and hydraulic block machine has excellent shock pressure effect, large production, wide range of products, mold replacement convenient and other advantages, the production of concrete permeable brick is a very suitable ideal equipment, hydraulic block machine after two of successful cloth color, the production of permeable brick body is full of permeable holes, water permeability is good, can be widely used in various squares, guesthouses, clubs, sidewalks, community roads, parking, pedestrian street, open-air entertainment venues.Block Machines
   Permeable brick machine is actually hydraulic block machine, permeable brick material is generally concrete raw materials, and then add a certain proportion of water permeable agent made of concrete products, this and hydraulic block machine production of concrete block raw materials basically, hydraulic block machine production of concrete permeable brick and resin permeable brick, ceramic permeable brick, crevice permeable brick, production cost is low, the production process is simple, so the market concrete permeable bricks are basically hydraulic block machine production.Block Machines