Development Status Of Concrete Tiles

- Jan 09, 2019-

Colored concrete tiles, commonly known as cement tiles, have been in Europe and the United States for more than 100 years. They were introduced to China in the late 1980s. In recent years, most of the urban building tiling has adopted this colored concrete tile. In 1999, China's concrete tile industry standard JC746-1999 was released, which further promoted the development of cement tile.

1. Low energy consumption during production, smokeless dust pollution, and because the main raw material is cement river sand, it does not encroach on land farmland resources.

2, concrete tile belongs to the concrete member, strong ° high, compact ° good, low water absorption, long life. In addition, due to the large area of the tile, the amount of tiles per unit area is much less than that of clay tiles and glazed tiles. Therefore, the weight of the tile used per unit area is much lighter and the efficiency of the tile is also high.

3, the concrete tile only needs to be maintained at about 40 °C, no high temperature roasting, so the deformation is very small, the cover is flat and beautiful on the roof.

4, the concrete tile has a variety of tile types, production equipment and crafts are varied, color tile color is colorful, almost free to do whatever you want, not only can be made of surface monochromatic, surface multi-color superposition, can also be made into a whole body monochrome and whole body mixing Camouflage gives architects endless choices.

5. In the production process, a layer of sealant should be sprayed on the surface of the tile to prevent secondary efflorescence on the concrete surface. The sealant generally has anti-mildew and self-cleaning effect, so that the surface of the tile can be blackened and not long-lasting for a long time. The color of the mixture of iron oxide pigment and cement can be kept constant for several decades (Note: the color of the surface of the tile with paint spray can only last for several years).

6. The production efficiency of concrete tiles is relatively high. At present, the world's highest production speed has reached 120 pieces per second, and it is moving to 140 pieces per second, which can realize fully automated production from raw material transportation to finished product packaging.