Eight Advantages Of Tile Machine Equipment

- Oct 30, 2020-

A major advantage: tile machine equipment hydraulic system: the use of "Japanese youyan" hydraulic system. Supporting facilities: imported intelligent hydraulic system device. Oil pressure can be automatically distributed. It is the advanced configuration in hydraulic system. Molding speed up to 8-10 pieces per minute. It is the production line that realizes the high speed automatic color tile equipment in the modern moulded color tile machine.

Two advantages: four-column hJ-10 - high-speed high-quality tile machine equipment: using a number of advanced technology, the main body "body" no welding, all using "ductile iron" and through the high temperature annealing process to create, so the whole machine will not "welding" stress "and cause" main body "body deformation. Host "pressure cylinder and the main tile mould" by "guide sleeve" binding in 120 mm "four hydraulic prop root solid guide", "main tile mould" vertical run up and down, won't produce vertical deviation, especially for the vulnerability of the mould, the absolute protection, at the same time also greatly extend the service life of the Lord "die".

Three advantages: the main engine "hydraulic base, the upper hydraulic base" adopts the full casting production technology, according to the "national standard hydraulic press" process requirements, produced from. The lower hydraulic base is made of "40MM inner rib, 45MM side rib, and "50MM thickness of surface casting". The upper pressure base is made of "40MM inner rib, 45MM side rib, and 60MM surface casting thickness. It is designed according to the 150t hydraulic" body ".

Four advantages: fuselage "four hydraulic guide column" is "120mm solid 45 round steel "processing. And "the second generation of moulded color tile machine" USES "four square pipe hydraulic prop" welded. Disadvantages are: four welding pillars, welding height can not be accurate, welding parts easy to deformation, resulting in "upper and lower mold" unable to balance, often appear "clamping" phenomenon. Therefore, "the third generation of moulded color tile machine" will not appear "the second generation of machine" clamping phenomenon.

Five advantages: the third generation of automatic color tile machine, using the "straight oil cylinder" drive sliding table, through the customer's production practice in the past two years, "straight oil cylinder" trouble-free, than the "swing cylinder" drive sliding table has more obvious technical advantages.

Six advantages: the main engine casting USES "ductile iron" casting and become, "ductile iron" factory price per ton as high as :8000 yuan, ordinary steel price :3200 yuan per ton converted, "ductile iron" cost more than one time.

Seven advantages: supporting the main machine to strengthen the "cast steel" pressure head, universal pressure plate, convenient replacement of various "tile" mold, free production of various styles of tile.

Eight major advantages: first generation and second generation "of" automatic color tile press tools and equipment all adopt is "ordinary steel plate welding and become," sliding table is driven by swinging cylinder, "" swinging cylinder" belongs to the "molded color tile equipment" is "extremely fragile" accessories, if the forming speed is too fast, cause a large sliding table shock, buffer vibration easily, cause the tiles have crack, is the first and the second generation "stubborn" in the color tile equipment. So molding speed up to 6 pieces per minute. And "HJ-10 - guide four - column mold tile equipment ", using the "built-in straight cylinder" sliding table drive using intelligent hydraulic buffering technology. The hydraulic buffer of the sliding table can be freely adjusted to make the sliding table run smoothly, safely and reliably. Therefore the technology in the color tile machine die press equipment in the industry in the most advanced technical level.