Energy Saving And Environmental Protection Brick Press Is The Secret Weapon Of Today's Construction Industry

- Feb 07, 2020-

Energy conservation and environmental protection pressure brick machine is one of the 21st century we strongly advocated the energy conservation and environmental protection brick machine, the equipment is the output of the block is not demand by fire and into, strange place brick molding machine is the brick machine produce baking-free brick equipment, need is not a large amount of cement, but industrial waste residue, the river sand in the river and so on these common to the saving, and we all think that is waste material, and the output of baking-free brick are of good quality, is the construction industry's secret weapon!

Brick press to sand, stone powder, gravel, fly ash, coal gangue, slag, slag, ceramsite, construction waste, cement and so on as material, replacement of different mold can produce standard brick, porous brick and other solid, hollow block products. Brick press is the production of bricks without burning the brick machine, that is the production of bricks without burning can be used. Henan yu rui machinery manufacturing co., LTD. Presses the brick machine to combine at present the domestic and foreign similar free brick machine commodity characteristic and the market demand to plan the production new style makes the brick equipment. The brick machine has the characteristics of compact structure, strong pressing force, strong rigidity, full sealing and dustproof, smooth circulation, simple operation, high output value and durability. The advanced technology is used in the parts of the feeding machine such as speed change and reverse rotation of the brick press, which has the advantages of large transmission power, smooth operation, accurate position, low maintenance rate and so on.

Characteristics of pressing and firing machine:

1. High pressure, nominal pressure up to 1600KN;

2. The drive part is completely sealed. Piston multi-dust-proof, pressure oil supply, smooth circulation, reduce wear, extend machine life;

3. It has the functions of pressure display, automatic shutdown due to overload and oil shortage, and mechanical fault alarm;

4, choose the automobile cross universal joint rotation mechanism, rolling more sensitive, stable and durable;

5. High speed flywheel energy storage, low power consumption and high output value;

6. The main compression parts are made of excellent steel with special processing, which can meet the high working pressure strength.

What the government advocates vigorously is that you are trustworthy, can save energy and environmental protection is that we can recognize, the investment of energy saving and environmental protection press you earn is not only wealth, but also the health of everyone!