Equipment Characteristics Of Block Machines

- Sep 01, 2017-

     Hydraulic block machine has a wide range of materials applicable capabilities, not only for the production of concrete hollow blocks, but also for the use of sand, stone, fly ash, slag, tailings slag, coal gangue, perlite, Ceramsite and other industrial waste processing into a variety of new wall materials. such as hollow cement block, bore brick, standard brick and so on. No sintering. Movable air Core block machine products can be used sand, stone, fly ash, cinder, coal gangue, tailings slag, Ceramsite, perlite and other industrial waste processing into a variety of new wall materials. such as hollow cement block, blind hole brick, standard brick, etc., do not sintering.Block Machines

     Hydraulic block forming machine, including upper template with compaction mechanism, the lower part is provided with a demoulding mechanism, wherein the compaction mechanism is fitted with a double crank force mechanism, and the demoulding mechanism is fitted with an ultrasonic vibrator and an electromagnetic vibrator.Block Machines

     The utility model adopts electromagnetic and ultrasonic double vibrating mechanism, which has good effect, low working noise and small mechanical loss. At the same time, the double crank booster device not only has good compaction effect, but also has low power consumption and high strength of block. Block block machine production line of the main equipment, including hollow block machine, known as Block block machine (or hollow brick machine, block machine, cement brick machine), as well as with the hollow block machine supporting the code board machine, mixer and transport equipment.Block Machines

    Hydraulic block Machine The main raw materials or stone powder, cement and sand, there are many industrial slag, waste coal gangue, fly ash, slag, can also be used as raw material ancillary products. As we all know, fully automatic hydraulic block machine Die most afraid of large pieces of hard things to enter, so as to squeeze the vibration of the brick machine mold deformation.Block Machines

    For slag and coal gangue, can be in advance through the wheel mill, it is processed into fine particles, and then according to the proportion of ingredients, after mixing mixer, and then through the Block machine production line can also be formed, but some users will ask, all the cement block machine can use these resources for production? This is OK, as long as the market is popular in the Block machine, the basic can be produced.Block Machines