Features Of Automatic Tile Machine

- Aug 17, 2017-

                China is a large population, and now the development of housing in China is rapid, so the need for more manpower labor, and at this time the automatic tile machine to produce a large limit to solve the problem, but everyone on the automatic tile machine is not a lot of understanding of his role is not to understand, then today's small series to explain to you the automatic tile machine product characteristics.Tile Machines

               Brick-pasting machine is a modern electronic science and technology and ancient industry, the combination of traditional technology, is an important symbol of the progress of modern society. Filled the construction industry in China, an important gap, it solves the general situation of man-made tile problems and difficulties. The popularization and promotion of the products will make the traditional ceramic tile industry complete farewell to the era of pure hand-pasted brick, so that the construction industry to enter a comprehensive development of an important period of modernization. This product is reasonable in design, advanced in technology, reliable in quality, convenient in use, time saving, provincial labor, high quality and efficiency. At present, the market prospect is very broad, and has great economic and social benefits.Tile Machines

               The basic features of the product: 1, the use of infra-red positioning, to eliminate the traditional sticky brick line to test the level of more cumbersome procedures, the product positioning fast, only 1 minutes to complete the vertical leveling and fixed work. 2, easy to operate, according to the size of the tile width can be adjusted arbitrarily, no bricklayer operation. 3, high quality, the use of this equipment sticky brick can solve the artificial sticky bricks appear empty drum, vertical flatness error big problem, use this equipment can reach empty drum, vertical flatness is a relatively high level of zero. This is the quality that human can never do. 4, speed, a relatively ordinary workers a day of sticky brick area is professional adhesive brick and tile workers more than four times times. It can reach a huge area of 40 to 200 square meters. 5, light weight portability convenient, the entire equipment weight of about 20 kg. All the equipment in the exquisite aluminum alloy box lift are all available. 6, high precision products, each part of the product is made of high-grade aluminum-magnesium alloy die-casting, error control in 0. Around 1mm. 7, easy to operate, in the sticky brick before only 10 minutes or so can complete the installation program, the width and height of the work surface can be adjusted arbitrarily. 8, the adaptability is widespread, the market tile size can use and can adjust arbitrarily. 9, effective, firm, paste after the brick does not need to be again, the wall beautiful, smooth and clean, widely applicable to metope decoration. 10, the Product service life can be up to 10 years or so.Tile Machines