Features Of Cement Brick Machine

- Jun 13, 2017-

    Cement brick machine is the use of slag, slag, fly ash, stone powder, sand, gravel, cement and other raw materials, scientific ratio, water mixing, through the brick mechanical pressure to produce cement brick, hollow block or color road brick machinery equipment.Cement Tile Machines

    Cement brick machine equipment is that we say Mianshaozhuanji, that is to say the production of cement brick or hollow block, do not need sintering, through a short period of time can be shipped to the factory. Can be said to invest less, quick, is a lot of investors to invest in the popular industry.Cement Tile Machines

    Cement brick to protect China's precious land resources, but also to achieve the re-use of resources, such as we all think that garbage slag, slag, construction waste, etc., through the brick machine equipment can be converted into no-burning brick, in order to achieve The recycling of resources, which is why the introduction of relevant policies, vigorously support the development of cement brick market reasons. In addition, many friends are worried about the problem, is the quality of cement brick how? Can it reach the standard? Here I can give you a completely positive answer, the quality of cement brick is not inferior to the original red brick, the intensity is far more than the strength of the red brick.

1, the design is reasonable, the use of automatic transfer board system, feeding materials, forced fabric system, pressure head synchronization and frame synchronization system, can automatically cycle production, high production efficiency, a large amount of brick, product quality and stability.Cement Tile Machines

2, the equipment machine, electricity, liquid linkage, PLC control, program interlocking self-protection, safe and reliable operation, the main console computer interface operation (Chinese / English menu, LCD touch screen), can achieve machine parameter settings, random signal acquisition , Fault diagnosis analysis, the machine to adjust to the best working condition. Remote monitoring, fault checking and system upgrades can also be achieved via remote communication.

3, the use of hydraulic motor vibration, reasonable structure, the use of reliable, high vibration efficiency, vibration and organic combination of good product density.Cement Tile Machines

Applicable to a wide range, can produce standard bricks, hollow brick, light brick, pavement brick and other concrete puzzle.