Features Of Cement Tile Machine:

- Feb 29, 2020-

Features of cement tile machine:

1. The cement tile machine is designed with super tonnage, super high configuration and beautiful appearance, which fully meets the requirements of producing large size cement tile.

2. The main cylinder diameter of the cement tile machine hydraulic system can reach 800mm, fully meeting the pressure demand. Four columns are made of large round steel, strong and durable. Color tile machine base to achieve the integration of cast steel, can fully bear the pressure of about 1000 tons.

3. The equipment can be fully automated and easy to learn. PLC computer touch, equipped with data input and output device and fault diagnosis system. Man-machine interface, more reliable performance, more convenient operation.

4. The cement tile machine adopts full hydraulic pneumatic, the mortar concrete is pressed through the filter type molding, the super-large tonnage, ultra-high pressure molding has effectively guaranteed the high yield, the product structure is perfect, the variety is many, the compactness is good, the strength is big, the size is accurate, can satisfy each kind of construction demand.

5. Cement tile machine can fully realize the multi-purpose of one machine. Through changing the mold, we can produce all kinds of large size main tile, long ridge tile, long edge tile, long gutter tile, etc. At the same time can also produce high-grade terrazzo floor tiles, polished shot peening floor tiles, washed floor tiles