Features Of Cement Tile Making Machine

- Jul 24, 2018-

1. Rapid molding speed and large output, PLC programmable controller is adopted, automatic control, man-machine interface, and more reliable performance. Easy to operate. Non-burning color tile machine

Full hydraulic pneumatic, production speed up to 8 pieces/min, high yield, high cost performance.

2. The mortar concrete is formed by pressure filtration moulding, and the product structure is perfect. The product has many kinds, high density, high strength and accurate size, which can meet the needs of all kinds of buildings and is a fine product of concrete products.

3. Multiple functions in one machine. The machine can produce all kinds of main tiles, side tiles and drain tiles by changing the mould, and also can produce all kinds of high-grade colored floor tiles, such as terrazzo bricks, polished shotcrete floor tiles and washed floor tiles.

4. Non-burning color tile machine, high quality and low price, with almost perfect products to gain market share.

Cement tile making machine is a kind of equipment with the biggest demand in the country at present.