Forming Control System Of Block Machines

- Jul 23, 2017-

               With the rapid development of modern building materials industry, the intellectualization of concrete block forming equipment is of great importance. At home and abroad, the technical gap is also quite large. The automatic degree of the concrete block forming equipment is not high, the noise is big and the failure rate is high. Want to import concrete block forming equipment, but its price is expensive, so the domestic demand for intelligent concrete block forming equipment is particularly urgent.Block Machines

              Therefore, the domestic market needs to develop an intelligent, low-cost, excellent performance of concrete block forming automatic production line equipment. This paper takes qt9-15 concrete block forming automation production line as the research object, after analyzing the concrete block forming production flow and the control Request Foundation, comprehensively utilizes the advanced control technology, the system integration technology, the long-distance service technology, the reliability design technology, has developed a set of concrete block forming production line system. It has made some contribution to realize the intellectualization of the concrete forming automatic production line.Block Machines

               This paper focuses on the structural layout and process of the automatic production line of qt9-15 concrete block forming, the selection of the controller and PLC module of the production line, the reliability design of the control system, the key programming of PLC, the development of the touch screen program, the research of the communication mechanism between the host computer and the lower computer, The paper is based on Wplsoft, Screeneditor and c#2.0. Database and other software, completed the concrete block forming automation production Line PLC control program design, Process Control level touch screen programming, host computer software system design and development, to achieve the entire production line of the field level control, process level control, enterprise-level control and remote fault monitoring, diagnosis and maintenance functions.Block Machines