Fully Automatic Color Tile Machine Lifting Tile Making Process

- Apr 21, 2020-

Fully automatic color tile machine lifting tile making process

The fully automatic color tile machine refers to the fully automatic cement color tile machine. The equipment adopts imported PLC machine, electricity, liquid and gas, integrated computer control, numerical control molding, large pressure, high output, accurate appearance and size, uniform density. The full-automatic color tile machine has a remote control and diagnosis system, which can analyze the operation data of the machine thousands of miles away; the full-automatic color tile machine has a multi-purpose, powerful function, low power consumption, multi-functional hydraulic molding, user-friendly interface operation, high product density, high strength and variety. Replacing the mold can not only produce all kinds of fine tiles, but also produce all kinds of specifications Colorful floor tiles.

The full-automatic color tile machine only needs 3-4 people in the whole process of production, with the production speed of 8 pieces / minute, high yield and high cost performance; the full-automatic color tile machine not only reduces the labor consumption but also greatly reduces the labor intensity, improves the production efficiency, greatly reduces the investment cost for investors, and is a good project with small investment, quick effect and good development prospects.