How To Choose Hydraulic Oil For Water Grinder

- Jun 01, 2020-

How to choose hydraulic oil for water grinder

The choice of terrazzo oil is very important for the terrazzo tile machine

The core of the terrazzo tile machine is the hydraulic system, which plays an important role in the entire production process. Therefore, the choice of hydraulic oil can not be ignored. Yuxi will teach customers how to choose the right hydraulic oil.


Six ways to choose the right hydraulic oil for the water mill

1. First of all, you should buy hydraulic oil with quality assurance from regular manufacturers, it is best not to buy low-quality hydraulic oil of low quality.

2. The type of hydraulic oil should be based on the label of the manufacturer of the hydraulic mixer and the type of hydraulic system, and read the instructions. And correctly replace the hydraulic oil of the chain tile machine.

3. Do not mix hydraulic oil of different brands or batches, so as not to affect the normal operation of the hydraulic system of the concrete tile machine.

4. Skilled to identify inferior hydraulic oil, with turbidity, high viscosity, impurities, high moisture and other properties.

5. Poor quality hydraulic oil has solid blocks, white wax, etc., which cannot be used for making MACHIN ë for floor tiles.

6. Unqualified hydraulic oil will accelerate the wear rate of hydraulic components, reduce their service life, and abnormal sound of cement tile machine