How To Improve The Economic Development Of Our Country

- Jan 15, 2020-

The cement brick making machine industry should actively promote energy saving and emission reduction technologies and measures, focusing on the adjustment of product structure and technical structure in four aspects: First, the development of large-scale, low bulk density, sintered hollow products with thermal insulation properties and decoration Functional clean water wall decorative bricks, interior and exterior wall decorative siding, ecologically-friendly coal-based paving slabs. The second is the use of high-efficiency energy-saving technologies to improve energy efficiency and greatly reduce the resource and energy consumption of the cement brick making machine industry. To reduce greenhouse gas emissions, achieve land conservation, energy conservation, waste utilization, environmental protection, conform to the global trend of low-carbon economic development, and contribute to the construction of a resource-saving and environment-friendly society. Third, energy conservation work is related to the sustainable development of the industry It is not only a preliminary task, but also an urgent requirement.It is necessary to pay close attention to corporate structure, scale, technology, equipment, product quality, product variety specifications and policy standards, and improve the industry's quasi-person supervision. Upgrade to promote the further development of the brick and tile industry.