How To Maintain Floor Tile Making Machine In Winter?

- Jun 01, 2020-

How to maintain floor tile making machine in winter?

The professional equipment of the floor tile making machine produces floor tiles, which is very popular. Many machines need to stop production in winter, otherwise it will affect product quality. However, if the climate environment allows the use of interlocking brick machines for production in winter, maintenance work must be carried out.


Four methods for maintaining floor tile making machines in winter

1. Develop good cleaning habits after get off work. After each operation, the cement tile machine should be turned off and the circuit should be grounded to ensure safety.

2. In the production process of the terrazzo tile machine production line, the materials should be used up and cleaned up to prevent the material from solidifying and affecting the normal operation of the machine. In addition, the water should be used up in winter to prevent freezing at low temperatures.

3. The water content of the concrete before freezing is very large, and the volume after freezing will be larger. Then it won't be firm and firm. Therefore, the temperature of the concrete tile factory cannot be too low.

4. In summer, the hydraulic station must use a condenser. Otherwise, the oil will generate heat, which will affect the normal operation. Therefore, we need to refuel and replace it in time. The oil filter should be replaced according to the instructions of the flood controller, otherwise the hydraulic system will cause a malfunction.