Imitation Stone Square Brick Machine

- May 24, 2019-

Imitation stone square brick machine

Imitation stone square brick machine, a brand-new ecological building material production equipment, can be used for the production of ecological brick products such as pavement permeable bricks, outdoor landscape imitation stone bricks, slope protection bricks and roadside stones. In addition, the public is more able to regenerate the resources of solid waste resources such as construction waste, coal gangue, fly ash, steel slag, and slag. For brick and brick enterprises, the efficient and long-term use of equipment is the guarantee of production efficiency. How to ensure the normal operation of the stone-like square brick machine is the focus of many users. The following three tricks are taught for reference!

First, to ensure the standard pressure of the hydraulic cylinder.

Second, choose the right working oil and lubricants.

Third, the hydraulic system operating temperature does not exceed 80 °C.