Important Factors Determining The Service Life Of Cement Tiles

- Apr 15, 2020-

Important factors determining the service life of cement tiles

 As a new type of roofing material, the service life of cement tiles is a matter of great concern to all of us. It is often asked: how long is the service life of cement tiles? Because the service life of cement tiles of different qualities is different, under normal circumstances, the service life of cement tiles can reach 30-50 years or even longer. However, inferior cement color tiles cannot be guaranteed, so the service life of cement color tiles is determined by many factors. Here, the editor of Hengtong Cement Color Tile Machine only explains the important factors.

   1. Raw materials for producing cement tiles: The quality of any building material product is directly related to the quality of its raw materials. Good cement tiles products must use high-quality river sand and cement with a number of 400 or more as the main materials, and must be reasonably mixed. Matching.

   2. Density: Density determines the strength, water resistance, frost resistance and service life of cement tiles. The compactness is determined by whether the production equipment of cement color tiles is advanced and the level of production technology.

   3. Proper maintenance: As a cement product, cement tiles also need a certain curing period before they can be inspected and leave the factory. The curing period is generally about 30 days.

   4. Bending resistance: Advanced processing technology and scientific maintenance process determine its bending resistance. The molded cement tiles have a pressure of up to 150 tons, which makes the product dense and uniform, which not only guarantees the bending strength and compressive strength of more than 200kg, but also enough to meet the construction workers walking on the paved roof freely.

   5. Construction and laying technology: good and regular construction and laying technology can prolong the service life of cement color tiles.