Important Technical Characteristics Of Non-burning Block Brick Machine

- May 18, 2020-

Important technical characteristics of non-burning block brick machine

Important skills of brick machine: 1. The brick machine has multiple functions, and the host can produce a variety of products by replacing the mold. Such as hollow blocks, standard bricks, colored pavement bricks, porous bricks, etc. 2. The products produced by this machine can be palletized immediately under the environment with high density and the original materials allow. Effectively prevent many problems such as drying, wasting labor, occupying the garden, etc., and reduce the cost of products for customers. 3. The hydraulic components and seals of the hydraulic system adopt products imported from Germany. Eliminate the signs of pressure relief and osmotic excretion. 4. Distributing system: The peculiar forced distributing mechanism and the special arch rod conforming to the changes of different mold cavities have the effect of forced arch breaking and secondary stirring. Equal. 5. Vibration system: Adopting special skills to optimize the deployment of the vibration shaft, the vibration system and the frame dispersion skills, so that the vibration spreads evenly in the entire table area, so that the equivalence and stability of the finished product performance are greatly improved. To produce higher quality finished products in an environment that effectively reduces noise. The peculiar situation of the solid platform plan can improve the forming speed of finished products and the accuracy of finished product dimensions. 6. Moulds: one-time precision casting molding, penalized by carburizing treatment, each set of molds can be replaced in a single piece in use. 7. The equipment has system upgrade effect and can realize unmanned operation mode.