Industrial Waste Slag Brick Machine With The Ability To Conquer Rural Garbage

- Nov 19, 2019-

Everyone knows that the progress of China's ecological city construction has been steadily increasing. This is inseparable from the utilization of solid waste resources. Because of the source of solid waste in rural areas and its own characteristics, rural environmental protection has indeed yielded results. micro. Then, can industrial waste slag brick making machines in urban solid waste recycling solve the problem of rural solid waste recycling? This is to talk about the source and characteristics of rural garbage.

Some experts conducted actual research and analysis to divide rural garbage into agricultural production garbage, rural domestic garbage, urban-rural transfer type and township enterprise garbage. From these three categories, we can see that rural garbage has the characteristics of complex composition, various types, and scattered layout, and the mobile garbage generated by urban enterprises brings uncertainty to rural garbage.

Everyone knows that society is constantly improving, and rural areas are no exception. The production and composition of rural garbage will inevitably change constantly. The main characteristic is that the accumulation of accumulation is increasing year by year, and the composition is becoming more and more complicated. In addition, the rural population is scattered, the garbage resources are widely distributed, the cleaning methods are too simple, the transportation, recycling and transshipment are difficult, and the cost is high, so that the rural garbage disposal capacity in China is low, and the rural environmental protection cause is slow.

With the promulgation of various environmental protection policies in China in recent years, the solid waste recycling is gradually spreading to the countryside, and the awareness of rural human settlements is gradually rising. In order to speed up the consumption of solid waste resources in rural areas in China, Xi'an Yinma Company independently developed industrial waste slag brick making machines that can use dozens of solid wastes such as domestic waste incineration slag as raw materials.