Installation And Debugging Of Cement Brick Making Machine

- Dec 26, 2019-

Equipped with a complete set of advanced and complete design, production, processing, assembly and testing equipment.While ensuring strict parts and component inspection and testing processes, the company pays more attention to the inspection and control of the entire process. The audit, diagnosis and evaluation of process quality ensure the timeliness and effectiveness of the input of the five major elements of human, machine, material, method, and environment, thereby forming an effective closed-loop control system.

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1. Check whether the cement brick making machine is damaged or deformed during transportation (especially pay attention to the hydraulic pipeline).

2. Check whether the fasteners of the main parts of the brick making machine are loose.

3. Check the reducer. Whether the oil tank and lubrication points of the vibrating table are refilled as required, and whether the amount of oil is appropriate.

4. In addition, the cement brick making machine must be fully wiped. Before the test machine, the parts that slide relative to each other must be lubricated according to regulations. If the machine is disassembled due to transportation needs, it can be divided into forming devices, plate feeding devices, feeding devices, brick ejection devices, palletizing devices, phase electrical control devices, etc., and must be assembled in place according to the assembly relationship during installation.