Installation Of Roof Tile Machines

- Oct 09, 2017-

Caigang tiles roof bracket installation system, installation precautions installed. Stop working in the stormy weather. The solar modules can be captured in the wind, causing you to fall. Never yet step or sit on the glass surface of the solar cell module. Glass can break, causing shock or bodily injury. The module can also stop power generation. Always use additional parts to supply additional solar module support. Use of weaker parts such as screws too short is dangerous and may cause solar modules or up and down.Roof Tile Machines

Always use the prescribed tools. The solar module or installation may drop if the installation is not strong enough, for example when the parts are not tight enough. Do not modify or cut parts. It is dangerous to do so. Can not guarantee security. Products should be installed and maintained. Prevent unauthorized personnel from checking the site of the solar module to determine the wind load. Please contact your local construction and safety department for special requirements. To ensure that the roof structure can support the installation of live and dead loads caused by the PV array. Install the solar modules facing the south, if possible. The installation of things is also possible, although the amount of electricity will be lower.Roof Tile Machines

Roof hooks can not be pressed against roof tiles. Put it flat. If necessary, the gasket roof hooks with wood. If necessary, use a corner grinder, hammer cut tiles covering the roof hooks at the point of the roof hook is passed. (Warning! Can not use a fixed roof hook, this extreme point load may damage the tile below. Install the track roof hook. Your track includes different lengths that always start with the shortest piece.Roof Tile Machines

Consider the impact of noise on the environment. The noise of the unit should not exceed the allowable noise standard. It is shown that the noise is less than 5m from the distance of 5m or less, and the noise is more than 5m. Residential buildings set up more than 5m units. Current noise reduction measures In addition to the group or lining the laying of sound-absorbing material, but also the compressor can be set in the enclosure. In addition, reduce the speed of the exhaust fan, in the inlet and outlet muffler devices are effective measures to reduce noise.Roof Tile Machines