Installation Of Roof Tile Machines

- Oct 23, 2017-

The unit is compact, comes with cold and heat source, air cooling. In recent years, the unit to modular design, convenient combination, eliminating the need for cooling water system. Units in the structure to consider the rain measures, installed on the roof or outdoor platform, can not set the rain and shade facilities.Roof Tile Machines 

The unit comes with full computer control, high degree of automation, and the unit electrical connection is compact, the scene only need to connect a small amount of control lines and main power lines can be. The unit's refrigeration system is efficient and reliable, to meet the various types of air conditioning requirements, the condenser and the evaporator is generally made of brass with aluminum fins, high heat transfer efficiency.Roof Tile Machines

Does not account for the effective area of the room. In some areas to use, comparable to water-cooled unit power. Roof type unit set, first of all to choose the most economical installation location, which is selected in the load concentration of the place to reduce the cost of pipe network. Consider the impact of noise on the environment. The noise of the unit should not exceed the allowable noise standard. It is shown that the noise is less than 5m from the distance of 5m or less, and the noise is more than 5m. Residential buildings set up more than 5m units.Roof Tile Machines

Current noise reduction measures In addition to the group or lining the laying of sound-absorbing material, but also the compressor can be set in the enclosure. In addition, reduce the speed of the exhaust fan, in the inlet and outlet muffler devices are effective measures to reduce noise. The unit settings should take into account the location of the exhaust fan and vents on the building, since the discharge airflow in these areas will affect the flow of air on the roof, so the RTU should be kept at a distance from the tuyere.Roof Tile Machines

The local wind conditions will affect the operation of the unit condensing fan. When the fan rotates freely with the wind, the air flow of the condenser is blocked, and the one-way rotating fan cover prevents the above phenomenon from occurring. In addition, the wind will make the lighter RTU difficult to maintain stability, so the local wind conditions should also be considered.Roof Tile Machines