Instructions Cement Block Machines

- Jun 11, 2018-

    Cement block machines can generally use mountain sand, river sand, sea sand, slag, slag, fly ash, Stone powder, Stone, cement, construction waste as raw materials, and after scientific proportions, add water and stir. Cement standard blocks and hollow blocks are produced through high-pressure vibration molding. At the same time, machinery and equipment for cement standard bricks, road edge stones and colored pavement bricks can also be produced. The products produced by the cement block machine do not need to be sintered, but can be delivered by short-term drying. Short production cycle, less investment, quick results.

     According to the above simple description, we can see that the raw materials used in cement block machines are relatively simple, and the raw materials are relatively rich, easy to obtain, and the prices are relatively low; In addition, this kind of equipment effectively protects China's precious land resources, and at the same time it has realized the reuse of resources, such as slag, slag, and building waste that everyone has abandoned. Through this equipment, it can be converted into building materials. Thus, the recycling of resources, for which the state has issued a lot of relevant policies, vigorously support the development and improvement of the cement block market.