Introducing Water About The Prospect Of Cement Tile Machine

- May 18, 2020-

Introducing water about the prospect of cement tile machine

The mud color tile machine industry should strengthen the management of equipment quality and after-sales service, firmly grasp the current opportunity to adjust, active and promising, innovation and improvement. The development of color tile machinery in the process of urbanization. Our company specializes in the production of small-sized cement tile machines 420 * 330/1230 * 640/980 * 640 and other types of cement tile equipment to build a road to prosperity for customers.

The rapid development of cement color tile machinery is in line with people's aesthetic needs. The house is not only a new life but also a beautiful life. Colored cement tiles not only dress up a new house but also the aesthetics of people who dress up. It is a good choice to enter the construction industry, and the establishment of a cement color tile machinery color tile production plant is promising. The facts have proved this fact.

Now more and more color tile production plants as entrepreneurs, in order to meet people's needs, at the same time enrich their money bags, benefit the country and the people, why not do it! Go for a walk, you will find that the building is so beautiful and colorful, it is red brick green tiles, very attractive. At present, the supply of new cement color tile machines produced by our factory is in short supply.

Cement color tile machine has been widely used in many construction industries due to its beautiful appearance, high strength and long service life. Our company specializes in the production of small-sized cement color tiles 420 * 330/1230 * 640/980 * 640 and other types of cement tile equipment to build a road to prosperity for customers. Our factory specially introduces domestic and foreign production technology, high-level scientific research personnel, relying on the market's large demand for new cement color tile machines, and with its many years of rich practical experience, we specialize in producing high-quality, high-performance new color tile machine complete equipment and For technical guidance, friends from all walks of life are welcome to visit our factory to investigate the strength and technology of our plant and Caiwa mechanical equipment.

 There are a series of positive and effective countermeasures for the prevention and resolution of cracks in cement tiles caused by the color tile mechanism. Check the production material ratio of the color tile machine. Whether the amount of cement is too large; whether the water-cement ratio is appropriate; whether the sand content of the sand is too large; whether the particle size of the sand is too fine and the gradation is reasonable (the particle size of the sand should not be too consistent

Coarse and fine), if necessary, they can go to the laboratory of the construction unit and ask them to make a mix design. Check the production process of the color tile machine. The point is whether vibration occurs during the demolding and handling after forming. Check the maintenance conditions of the cement tiles out of the color tile mechanism. Cement is a hydraulic material and requires a certain amount of water during its hardening process. If possible, a steam room (or pool) can be built for maintenance. If there is no condition, you should increase the humidity in the greenhouse, or cover it with a grass curtain and water it for curing. Never use fire to heat and bake directly in the greenhouse.