Introduction Of The Advantages Of The New Cement Tile Machine

- Nov 19, 2019-

What are the advantages of large tile machines for producing large tiles? What are the advantages of cement tile machines for producing large tiles?

1. The composition of the cement tile produced by the cement tile machine:

The cement tile is made of cement tile machine using the principle of compression molding, using Portland cement, sand, water and paint. It is also possible to add a small amount of fly ash, and it is not necessary to add it. Acrylic is used as a sealing protective film to uniformly coat the outer layer.

Second, how to make cement tile for cement tile machine:

Mix the raw materials correctly to ensure material consistency. The mold is then driven by a hydraulic system of the cement tile machine to form a high pressure mold. Therefore, each cement tile has the function of heat insulation and moisture resistance after leaving the abrasive tool. The cement tile needs to be placed for a few days to be cured before leaving the factory. Every aspect of production needs to be carried out under the supervision of advanced machinery and professionals.

Third, the life of cement tile produced by cement tile machine:

The ACME roofing system can assure you that the cement tile produced by this cement tile machine can last up to 50 years or more. However, the cement tile roofs we saw in Germany have protected the roof structure for 150 years.

4. Can I walk on my roof?

Yes, but be careful. Walking on any inclined roof is a very dangerous thing. If you want to wash windows on your roof or install landscape lights, please stand in one third of the roof and place your body close to the roof to avoid stepping on the cut or ridges and gables. At the office.

5. What is the wind resistance of cement tile roofing?

The weight of the tile itself and the wind-resistant buckle on the individual tiles are sufficient to withstand wind speeds of 80 kilometers per hour. In areas with high wind speeds, special fixed tiles are used to withstand wind speeds of 140 km per hour.