Introduction To Cement Tile

- Jun 06, 2018-

The world's first cement tile was created in the south of England in 1919, marking the birth of a new industry, the cement tile. Concrete tile to enter China's market has for decades, because of its wide application, has wide recognition, for many designers, architects and users almost became a synonym for color cement tile. Because its use of raw material is cement, it is often called cement tile. The middle and low-end popular cement tiles are produced by roller forming, and the high-end products are made by high pressure through high quality mould pressing and filtering. The product has high density, high strength, good anti-rain and anti-freeze performance, smooth surface and accurate size. The color cement tile has various colors, long service life, durable color and moderate cost. It is suitable for both ordinary houses, but also for high - grade villas and high - rise buildings waterproof insulation. Therefore, color cement tile is a new choice for the construction of new socialist countryside, urban community and high-grade villa.roof-tile-pallets55332558521.jpg