Introduction To The Cutting Machine

- Oct 30, 2020-

A block machine is a machine that produces blocks. The new wall material is based on block and cement brick. Most use hydraulic molding mode, but also use vibration molding or chain lift, that is, divided into mechanical type and hydraulic type of two models.

Structure principle and characteristics:

(1) The block machine is fixed, platform vibration, mechanical demodulation, the model is advanced and reasonable design, wide range of application, the use of speed reducer, brake thinking magnetic

Iron arms surround demoulding.

(2) Four columns are adopted, with accurate positioning, stable mold balance, small rough edges and good appearance.

(3) The mold is easy to change, simple and easy to maintain.

(4) Small block brick machine is suitable for 1-3 people to complete, the number of operation is convenient, suitable for general output users.